A Guide to the Teapot Cozy

What is a tea cozy, or is it a tea cosy? and how do you use a teapot with a tea cozy? Here’s the ins and outs of this rather wonderful teapot accessory!

The Tea Cozy: What is it and how do you use it with a teapot?

What is this overly cute and wonderous tea accessory!

Billy Connolly once said, “Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn’t try it on” Too true Mr Connolly. Hands up, who’s guilty?

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Common Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about teapot cozies including the history of this marvellous invention, how it’s actually spelt plus where to find fabulous free patterns.

When was the Tea Cosy Invented?

The tea cosy, sometimes known as a tea warmer was first introduced into Britain in circa 1650. Around the time when tea was first imported. Tea cozy is named so because it keeps the tea all warm a cozy. It’s like a woolly jumper just for your teapot!

First came the tea cosy, then the flask for hot tea on the go. But nothing quite beats a cutie cosie on your favourite tea pot. Most cozies are handmade or hand knitted/hand crocheted and there are lots of wonderful patterns available online.

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Tea Cosy vs Tea Cozy

So, is it cosy, cozy or perhaps cozie, what’s the correct spelling?… Well all can be used, but the preferred British spelling is ‘cosy’. The American-English spelling is ‘tea cozy’.

How do you use a Tea Cosy?

Using a tea cosy couldn’t be easier. Simply make a lovely pot of tea and pop the cosy over the teapot to keep the tea lovely and warm. The tea should stay warm and delicious for much longer than usual. A great tea accessory for when you have visitors. There are also other variations including travel cup cozies and mug cozies too.

How Long Does a Tea Cosy Keep Tea Warm?

Tea should stay warm in a teapot for around an hour if you are using a cozy. That’s enough time to have a chit chat with friends and enjoy a long slow pot of char. Some well insulated ones will keep the tea much warmer for much longer.

TIP: Always remove the tea leaves or tea bag once steeped, otherwise the tea may taste bitter if left in the pot for too long.

Do People Still use Tea Cosies?

Yes! Many people still use tea cosies, young and old. Many people including tea lovers and crafters love sewing, knitting or crocheting their own tea cutesy cozies.

Free Teapot and Mug Cozy Patterns

I especially love these cute and FREE patterns on pinterest. Patterns include woodland owls, honeybee hives, fluffy sheep and bunny rabbits too. I have also found these free fabulous mug tea cozy patterns on pinterest. These mug patterns include snowmen, reindeer and santa belt patterns (and my favourite is THIS free adorable owl cozy for your mug!)

Other Uses

Just because it’s designed for your teapot, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to use it for. Here are some other things that you can use your tea cosy for:

  • Cover your coffee pot or cafetière! Coffee is a firm favourite in many houses too

  • Wear it as a hat - just like Billy Connolly said!

  • Pop in a bottle of wine for a novelty gift

  • Upcycle your cosy into a cute doggie jumper

  • Upcycle your cosy into a fabulous place to store all of your favourite tea bags

  • Upcycle your cosy into a cute comfy snug hand warmer

  • Upcycle a pair of cosies into warming winter time slippers

I’m struggling to think of more fun ways to reuse your tea cosy. Can you think of any ideas? Leave a comment below!

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