Anyone familiar with cockney rhyming slang will know this phrase. For those who aren't, 'Rosie' or 'Rosie Lea' translates to 'cup of tea' I'm originally from East London and thought it apt to use the lingo. Rosie Loves Tea (Teas of London) was created with this concept in mind, going back to my roots. Here’s a fun tea inspired article about cockney rhyming slang that you may be interested in.

I’m just an ordinary, 30-something (ok I’m almost 40!) I’m a British mum who just loves a good cuppa! My passion is sharing tea related stuff so that I may just inspire you to pop the kettle on too :)

I love creating tea themed recipes and desserts, and I occasionally make savoury tea treats and crafts too. I'm not a professional cook but I love to whip up wonderful desserts for afternoon tea and did I mention that I make a fabulous cuppa?

I’m currently living on the beautiful island of Bermuda, and I spend my time researching everything tea from around the world. I love to share with you all of my latest recipes, ideas and any tea related articles.

Here are a selection of my recent articles that you maybe interested in… (AND don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so that you don’t suffer serious fomo from my new tea finds, recipes and articles!)

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