How to Make Tea Lattes at Home

Here’s a guide to making the best and easiest tea lattes at home!

Warming tea lattes are wonderfully creamy, super soothing and you can easily make an indulgently creamy tea latte at home! They are perfect for winter time but you can still enjoy lattes during warmer weather by effortlessly making refreshing iced tea lattes too! Oh did I mention that tipsy tea lattes are also fabulous?

Here’s how to make any tea latte with any tea, any type of milk and what other ingredients you will need. Plus more than 10 of my favourite recipes to try.

A Guide to Making Milky Tea Lattes at Home

What is a tea latte? What do they taste like? What is the best type of tea to use? PLUS how to make the perfect creamy cuppa!

Common Tea Latte Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions all about tea lattes and how to make the perfect cuppa:

Is a Latte a Tea or a Coffee?

A latte can be made with tea or coffee. A latte is a drink made with strong tea or strong coffee (such as espresso) and topped up with steamed milk. A tea latte is just like a café latte but with tea instead.

What Does a Tea Latte Taste Like?

A latte is usually rich, creamy and super indulgent. Depending on the tea used, it can have many different flavours. Chai lattes just like this are extremely popular and are served in almost all tea and coffee houses across the globe. Masala chai is a traditional Indian tea and works perfectly in a tea latte. A well blended masala chai has the tastiest balance of lively spices and aromatic flavours, paired with sweetness and creaminess, it’s a winning combination! Almost any tea and some herbal teas can be used to make creamy tea lattes.

What's the Difference Between a Milk Tea and a Tea Latte?

A tea latte is a type of milk tea. Milk tea simply means tea with milk and includes so many different variations such as this Hokkaido milk tea, boba milk tea, Hong Kong milk tea and the infamous tea latte too. If you love a milky brew, you may also love this recipe for brown sugar milk tea - served hot.

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What is in a Green Tea Latte?

A green tea latte is a latte made with green tea and milk. The best type of green tea to use in a green tea latte is matcha green tea. Matcha is stronger and bolder than regular green tea and can easily withstand the addition of milk. Regular green tea can be too delicate to take with milk.

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Can you Make any Tea Into a Latte?

Technically, yes you can make any tea into a latte. However, some teas such as green tea can be a little too delicate to be taken with milk. Strong black teas such as English breakfast tea, Earl grey tea and masala chai are all ideal to use in tea lattes. Some herbal teas such as rooibos, yerba mate and chamomile are also ideal for use in a latte.

What Milk is Best to use in a Tea Latte

Many people are choosing to go dairy free these days and luckily there are milk options galore! From almond, to oat, to soy, to rice and everything in between. Choosing the type of milk to use in a tea latte is all down to personal preference. Some people may want the best nutrient rich source of dairy free milk and others may want the best tasting milk. While soy and nut milks are hugely popular, oat milk is growing in demand due to it’s creamy and thick taste and texture. If it’s nutrients you are after, soy milk contains similar nutrient values to that of cows milk.

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How to Make Tea Lattes at Home

There are various ways to make a tea latte including making a shot of strong tea and adding it to hot steamed milk. Alternatively, make your tea latte extra creamy by infusing the tea directly in hot milk and frothing it up with a hand held milk frother. I especially love using this method with a sweet and aromatic chai latte.

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What’s Needed

In order to make the perfect tea latte at home, you will need:

  • Tea - either loose leaf or tea bags. Stronger teas such as English breakfast work best to have with milk.

  • Milk - regular, oat, soy, almond etc

  • Sweetener - simple syrup, sugar, honey, maple syrup etc

  • Flavourings - rose, almond, rose, lavender, fruits etc

  • Milk frother or steamer - to create the latte bubbles, you will need either a handheld blender or milk frother. If you are a regular latte drinker, you may want to invest in a super-duper-posh milk steamer.

  • Toppings - grated cinnamon, grated chocolate, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream etc

Best Teas to use in a Tea Latte

English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast tea is Britain’s no.1 tea! Also known as the classic builders brew, English breakfast is a blended tea that usually includes strong black teas such as Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan and Keemun. Strong black teas taste great with a dash of milk or in a tea latte. Try using English breakfast tea in this cooling iced Biscoff tea latte. Made with vegan friendly Biscoff cookie butter, maple syrup and any milk of your choice. Yummy!

Matcha Green Tea

Although matcha is a green tea, it’s far more bold and rich than regular green tea. Matcha is a Japanese tea that’s made from freshly ground green tea leaves. The strong taste makes it great to have with milk. Try using matcha in this matcha latte with rose. Using a hint of floral rose makes this latte super soothing.


Assam is a famous single origin tea from Assam in India. Assam is a strong black tea that tastes great with milk. The taste of Assam tea can vary from season to season depending on the growing factors. Many strong blended teas such as English breakfast will contain Assam. Try using Assam in this black forest tea latte. Made with dark cherries, dark chocolate, cream and a dash of kirsch!

Masala Chai

Masala chai is a fabulous tea to enjoy in a tea latte. The aromatic spiciness together with sweet creaminess is a winning combination. Chai lattes are quite possibly my favourite type of latte! Try using masala chai in a pumpkin pie spice tea latte. It’s a wonderful latte to make at Halloween time, and pairs perfectly with sweet treats. Try pairing pumpkin lattes with these chai spiced pumpkin crumble top muffins.

My Favourite Recipes

Hot Latte Recipes

Here are some of my most favourite hot tea latte recipes:

Iced Latte Recipes

Tea lattes can also be iced for a refreshing drink on hot days. You can make any of the above hot latte recipes iced. Simply use cold milk rather than hot and add a few ice cubes for extra refresh. Here are some of my favourite iced tea latte recipes:

Feel free to add a shot of your favourite tipple to any of these latte recipes to make a hot (or cold) tea toddy!


There’s no better combination than taking tea with cake! Here are some of my favourite cakes to enjoy with a delightful tea latte:

Do you have a favourite tea latte recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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