Easy Tea Recipes for Winter

Hot tea during the winter months makes for the ultimate soothing and comforting pastime! Here are my top ten winter warming tea recipes to hug your soul on those cold winter days!

My Top Ten Winter Warming Tea Recipes

Discover how to make a proper cup of tea with these hot tea recipes including how to make a hot tea latte, a brown sugar milk tea served hot, hottie tea toddies and lots more!

1. Brown Sugar Milk Tea Served Hot

Here is how to make the best brown sugar milk tea served hot rather than iced. Milk teas are simply any tea with milk. There are various milk tea recipes to try including tea lattes, creamy masala chai, noon chai and even the age old English builders brew is considered milk tea! This warming tea recipe with brown sugar is easily adaptable using any type of milk and cream (regular or plant based) so it is suitable for everyone. I like using almond milk and coconut cream, however, feel free to use any type that you prefer.

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2. Mulled Wine Made With Masala Chai Tea

Tea is fabulous for festive winter time recipes. I especially love using spicy and aromatic masala chai when making mulled wine at Christmas. The spices in masala chai work perfectly for quick and easy mulled wine, throw in some oranges and sugar or honey and you have yourself the simplest but tastiest mulled red wine!

Here are more yuletide tea infused recipes that you may also love as much as I do:

  • Dairy free eggnog recipe - Infused with the flavours of masala chai. Plus I have a speedy egg free alternative too!

  • No bake fruit cake - Also infused with the flavours of masala chai. Soak the dried fruit in chai and rum before putting the ingredients into a blender, top with a speedy homemade marzipan. Simply delicious!

  • Matcha jello shots - Made with Christmassy green matcha, lime jello, vanilla vodka and topped with minty crushed candy canes. A fun festive shot great for parties and entertaining.

3. Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

The citrusy flavours of Earl grey pairs wonderfully with the flavours of bitter dark chocolate, so it’s not a surprise that Earl grey hot chocolate is a magical combination! Hot chocolate is marvellous for warming the soul in colder months. You can also make this hot chocolate recipe using spicy masala chai as an alternative to the Earl grey tea. If you love chocolately drinks with a kick, try this Mexican hot chocolate recipe (with the option to add a shot of tequila for extra warmth!).

4. Moroccan Mint Tea

I love a hot cup of sweet Moroccan mint tea. This traditional tea is easy to make at home even without the traditional equipment. Made with these simple ingredients: white sugar, green tea, fresh mint sprigs and any tea pot that you favour. This soothing tea recipe is great for after dinner with dessert. It also pairs perfectly with sweet pastries in the afternoon, just like how it is served in the markets of Marrakesh.

If you love the aromatic freshness of Moroccan mint tea, you may also love this refreshing watermelon agua fresca recipe made with mint tea.

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Adding pumpkin to masala chai lattes is super dreamy and something you will keep coming back for! PSL’s are huge in Starbucks but usually made with coffee. My recipe for a pumpkin spice latte uses tea instead and it’s fabulous. Making any of my pumpkin spice recipes will have your house smelling just like fall. To make any tea latte, you will need a strong tea such as black tea (Assam or English breakfast) or masala chai. Add a sweetener of choice, milk and cream of choice and any flavoursing, drizzles, syrups and toppings that your heart desires.

Iced pumpkin spice lattes are also fantastic for when you are in need for something more refreshing. Here are more of my favourite pumpkin spice tea time recipes:

  • Pumpkin bread - a luscious loaf cake recipe made with delicate spices, chocolate chips and topped with a chai icing.

  • Pumpkin scones - these sweet scone wedges drizzled in a chai glaze go hand in hand with a hot cuppa!

  • Pumpkin syrup - Add to pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream or use as a drizzle for any of your hot tea recipes.

6. Spiced Christmas Tea

Spiced Christmas tea is made with a mix of instant iced tea powder, lemonade powder, tang and some added festive spices. Make a big batch of this instant tea mix and gift it to all your friends for Christmas in little mason jars with pretty ribbons. It really does make a wonderful homemade gift idea.

Serve hot cups of spiced Christmas tea with huge helpings of my delicious homemade traditional fruit cake.

7. Matcha Latte With Rose

Hot matcha lattes are great for cold winter days. Matcha is a type of green tea that is rich and bold enough to be enjoyed with milk. Try making this hot matcha rose latte recipe, alternatively if you fancy something more refreshing try making this pretty iced matcha latte recipe which is layered with a sweet and floral strawberry rose puree. For an interesting cocktail idea, add a shot of coconut rum!

8. Chamomile Hot Toddy

This hot tea toddy is the best winter warmer! I like to make mine with soothing chamomile tea, a good drizzle of sweet wildflower honey and a large shot of dark rum, brandy or whisky. If you are like me and love a comforting hot toddy, you may also love this recipe for making an apple and chai hot toddy.

9. Coconut Chai Latte

This hot chai latte recipe is made with creamy coconut, smoky maple syrup and infused with the spicy aromatic flavours of masala chai tea. Making a tea latte is a great alternative to the popular lattes that are made with coffee. For a christmassy inspired tea latte recipe, try this Blackforest tea latte, this chocolatey latte is lavishly indulgent. Made with dark chocolate, cream, dark cherries and strong black tea (with the option of adding a shot of cherry liqueur!)

10. How to Make a Proper Cuppa!

And finally, here is how to make a proper hot cuppa. Anyone can easily make the perfect cup of tea with my easy tea guide. With just a few considerations, anyone can make the perfect cup of tea at home like a pro. Using any type of tea (including tea bags or loose leaf) you can make tasty tea everyday!

Do you have a favourite winter warming tea recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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