10 Refreshing Tea Drink Recipes for Summer

It’s time to sit back, unwind and relax with my 10 favourite refreshing tea recipes to try out this summer time. From iced tea to iced tea lattes to cocktails and more, there is something for everyone here.

Infused with Tea: My 10 Summer Time Drink Recipes

From creamy iced lattes to healthy iced tea recipes to pretty cocktails and much more. There’s certainly something for everyone to drink all summer long!

Apparently 99% of tea in the UK is enjoyed hot with just 1% made iced. Compare that to our American cousins, they enjoy 85% of their tea iced! In a bid to tempt more people to experiment with cold tea, I’ve put together a selection of my most cooling cuppas, including tipsy tea cocktails, iced tea lattes and sparkling iced tea too.

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My 10 Refreshing Recipes to Drink all Summer Long

Here’s my 10 best summer time tea recipes! Whether you are having a garden bbq, a summer dinner party or just chilling at home alone, there’s something for everyone to try out to help keep cool on hot days:

1. Mint Tea and Watermelon Agua Fresca

This watermelon agua fresca recipe can be enjoyed with or without a shot of white rum and is the perfect accompaniment for hot days. Made with juicy sweet watermelon, cooling Moroccan mint tea and a squeeze of zesty lime. Plus you get to choose whether to make it alcoholic or not. If you love this, you also maybe interested in making fresh Moroccan mint tea.

2. Iced Matcha Latte with Strawberries and Rose

So pretty in pink with this super cute iced matcha latte recipe. I’ve made mine with a layer of homemade strawberry syrup and a hint of rose, however, I’ve also made instructions to make this one with or without the pink layer so you can make your iced matcha latte any way that takes your fancy.

3. Iced Biscoff Tea Latte

Biscoff coffee lattes are a big thing, so I decided to make a tea biscoff latte version! This one is pure indulgence with a with a sweet biscuity caramel flavour. And did you know that Biscoff are vegan friendly? Yep, so anyone can enjoy this iced tea latte!

4. How to Make Easy Iced Tea (with any tea!)

Possibly my easiest and speediest (and not forgetting healthy) recipe, made from kettle to glass in under five minutes. Use any of your favourite tea (tea bags or loose leaf), any sweetener and any fruit that your heart desires for this iced tea recipe. I especially love making iced Moroccan mint tea or iced green tea. Try mixing your iced tea with cloudy lemonade to make this delicious Arnold Palmer drink!

5. How to Make Cold Brewed Sparkling Iced Tea

Just as easy as my easy speedy iced tea but this one takes a little more patience as it involves steeping your tea for at least 4 hours. Definitely worth the wait for this thirst-quenching bubbly tea. You could always make a hot cuppa in the meantime while your wait for this delicious sparkling iced tea.

If you love sparkling iced tea and fizzy cocktails, you may also love this white tea shot recipe. This mixed drink is made with peach schnapps, vodka and delicate carbonated white tea.

6. How to Make Sun Iced Tea

Different brewing methods will create different tastes and textures. The taste and texture of sun iced tea will fall between hot brewed and cold brewed iced tea. A fun way to experiment with tea.

7. Iced Earl Grey Latte with Lavender Honey

Made with refreshing citrusy Earl grey tea and floral homemade lavender honey, this milky latte will certainly hit the spot on sunny days. You can also switch the lavender honey for a drizzle of vanilla syrup to make it an iced London fog latte. Try this sweet, zesty and floral iced Earl grey tea!

8. Tequila Sunrise Cocktail with Matcha Green Tea

Such a fabulous way to use matcha green tea powder in this colourful tea inspired tequila cocktail. Made correctly with each ingredient poured in order, the layers will look impressively beautiful.

If you are a fan of refreshing tea inspired cocktails, try making this Long Island iced tea recipe which is made with iced black tea rather than the usual cola.

9. Iced Tea Punch with Fresh Berries

Perfect for garden BBQs when you have friends over, making a pitcher of ths iced tea punch is a great idea for entertaining. I love adding fresh fruit and mint to strongly brewed tea with a good helping of sweet smokey maple syrup. Try serving a huge jug of iced tea with my chai infused apple and blueberry pie, yum!

Refreshing jugs of iced tea is perfectly ideal for gatherings. Here is another marvellous pitcher recipe that you may love as much as I do: Hibiscus tea made iced, spiced and spiked!

10. How to Make an Easy Kombucha Cocktail

Kombucha is a special probiotic drink made by fermenting tea. You can make your own home brewed kombucha or buy shop bought. Having a few flavoured bottles of kombucha in the fridge is handy for making easy cocktails or mocktails. Making kombucha mocktails is a great idea as kombucha has a certain astringency and works to give the perfect layer to a non alcoholic beverage. My favourite way of using kombucha is in a deliciously tasty mango mojito kombucha cocktail.

Do you have a favourite refreshing tea recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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